Cell Phone Plans: Top Options This Year

Do you think your cell phone plan serves you well? If not, and if you’re planning to upgrade to a new phone, you might consider getting a new wireless plan to accompany your new phone.

T-Mobile Family Plan

Even though many carriers offer multiple tiers of similar unlimited data plans, T-Mobile Magenta is still the best choice for a family. It gives your family of four unlimited data for just $160 a month, though occasional discounts can sometimes lower even that cost. T-Mobile is waiving its $20 monthly cost for the third line of data, which brings the total bill for a family of four down to just $140.

T-Mobile Unlimited Plan

The four major carriers offer different tiers of unlimited data plans. T-Mobile’s entry level $70 plan gives you the best mix of value and performance.

Though rival network AT&T offers an entry-level unlimited plan that costs $5 less each month, it has too many restrictions, even though it now includes 5G access.

Verizon 5GB Plan

While most wireless carriers are pushing unlimited data plans these days, not everyone really needs to pay for that much data. If you happen to stream a lot, 5GB of LTE data is more than enough for you each month, all while keeping your monthly cell phone bill low.

Verizon Prepaid Plan

Verizon’s regular prepaid $45-a-month plan used to get you a decent amount of LTE data but now it’s increased to 15GB, which is a large amount of data. Hold onto your Verizon prepaid plan for the first three months and you’ll end up saving another $5. In nine months, Verizon gives you an additional $5 off. In 10 months, you’ll be paying $35 a month for the same 15GB of data. The current promotion gives you your third month of prepaid service free from Verizon.

Metro by T-Mobile Unlimited Prepaid Plan

Metro by T-Mobile offers one of the best choices for prepaid customers that want the most data possible. This plan costs $50, and in addition to getting unlimited data, you also get 5GB of hotspot data as well as 100GB of cloud storage via Google. What’s more, Metro uses T-Mobile’s network, which means you’ll have access to 5G coverage at no extra cost, provided you’re already using a 5G-ready phone.

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