These Are the Best Air Purifiers for Allergies and Asthma

An air purifier helps remove allergens and triggers such as dust, pollen, pollution, odors, and more before you get a chance to inhale them and can even help reduce the need to deep clean your home regularly. Investing in the right air purifier may help you eliminate allergens from your home but it’s essential to choose wisely. We look at some of the best air purifiers for allergies and asthma and here is the list:

Renpho Air Purifier for Allergies

For large to medium rooms, we highly recommend this air purifier that is fitted with a four-stage filtration system and a True HEPA filter that captures allergens and asthma triggers so that you won’t have to deal with them anymore.

Levoit Energy Star Air Purifier

If you’re to save energy while purifying your home, this is for you. This air purifier is certified by Energy Star and only uses 33 watts. It is compact and sleek, giving you multiple features like sleep mode and a filter replacement indicator.

Koios Indoor Air Cleaner

If you need something to keep allergens and triggers at bay on a budget, this air cleaner is for you. The Koios Air Purifier is small and compact, perfectly suited for small spaces such as a bedroom or office. Despite the size, it’s fitted with a True HEPA filter as well as a three-stage filtration system that removes large and tiny particles from the air.

IQAir Medical-Grade Air Purifier For Allergies & Asthma

If you’re dealing with severe allergies or asthma, you need an air purifier that removes the tiniest particles while reducing viruses and eliminating irritating odors. We would highly recommend this one from IQAir, which features a HyperHEPA filter.

Honeywell Allergen Remover

For larger rooms, this air purifier from Honeywell works perfectly, as it is a large unit, and it’s highly effective and made to remove allergens. You get up to three levels of air purification to choose from depending on the room. The Honeywell’s filter includes a True HEPA filter that removes up to 99.97 percent of airborne particles. What’s better is that this filter is fuss-free and long-lasting. Its light indicator will let you know when it’s time for a replacement, so you don’t have to guess when to change it.

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