Tips to Improve Your Internet Speeds

In our world of quick connections, no one appreciates slow Wi-Fi. If your home network has been acting sluggish, try these simple steps to solve the problem. Before you begin, take an online internet speed test. You should know the speeds you have now so you can compare the results as you go through each step.

Once you get your results, compare them to what you’re supposed to be getting from your internet service provider. This way you can know if your speeds are actually underperforming, or if it’s time to upgrade to a faster plan.

Turn It Off and On Again

Do it to all your Wi-Fi paraphernalia – your router, your modem as well as devices you have connected to Wi-Fi. Everything needs a break sometimes, especially your modem and router.

Move to A Better Location

Wi-Fi can travel only a certain distance, and its signals can get interrupted or blocked by walls, floors ceilings, and basically any large physical object. They can also get interrupted by radio waves from any other device, such as cordless phones, baby monitors, microwaves, and Bluetooth speakers.

Adjust the Antennas

Most routers have internal antennas which are built into the body of the device and you can’t adjust them. If you do, however, have adjustable antennas on your router, try reconfiguring them.

Remove Unnecessary Connections

If your bandwidth is low, you should prioritize your connections. While going through all your network connections may take a while, it pays off. The simplest way of doing it is to change your passwords and then log back in to your network on every device you use regularly. This is a good way to clear out unnecessary connections you may have forgotten about.

Replace the Router

Technology advances quickly. A new router from a few years ago may just not cut it anymore, especially if you’ve added new devices to your network or have moved into a larger home. Also, if the last time you replaced your router was before 2014, your Wi-Fi is probably two generations old.

Upgrade to A Faster Connection

While these tips may do the trick for you, sometimes your internet connection is just too slow to sustain your consumption. If this is the case, you will need to upgrade to a faster internet plan to get better Wi-Fi speeds.

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