Top 5 Software Tools Every Small Business Needs

Big or small, every company needs trustworthy software to aid in daily operation and efficient performance. Here are a few software tools you can count on as a small business.

Microsoft 365

Despite the number of rivals, Microsoft Office is still the finest office software suite out there.

Additionally, Microsoft 365 delivers a cloud version you can use at home, in the office or on the go.

One of the first things going for Microsoft 365 is its familiarity, as, if you’ve used Microsoft Office once, you’ll find most of it very familiar. Even if you haven’t used it and have used any rivals instead, the same applies because Microsoft Office is the market leader that others try to copy.


Bitrix24 offers a comprehensive suite of powerful business tools for collaboration, project management, document handling, instant messaging, telephony, and more.

If you like to keep things simple then you can try its excellent CRM, which is a capable system all on its own. All contacts and communications are logged, all leads assigned to sales managers, every email sent, every call recorded, quotes, and invoices issued. Its detailed reports keep you up-to-date and it gives you convenient access via the mobile app.

Sage Accounting

Sage Accounting makes a very good first impression with its clear and gimmick-free pricing. The top plan offers a decent value and there is also a free 30-day trial.

You get modules to manage your quotes, invoices, as well as handle and submit taxes online, smart bank feeds and reconciliation, cash flow forecasting, and more, all available from your desktop or through a mobile app.


If you’ve got both a team and multiple projects to manage, Asana helps you work out who should be doing what at every given moment, which helps by maximizing the chances of everything coming together on deadline.

Like other software tools on this list, it isn’t just the features that Asana has that make it special, instead, it’s the way those features are wrapped up in an accessible interface that’s easy to navigate and works across mobile apps and the web.


Just like all the best software tools, the basic idea behind Slack is very simple: it’s real-time messaging in web browsers, apps, and desktop clients. Your team members can chat one-on-one, in groups, or on channels based on the topics such as sales, finances, and more.

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